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  • What are "Manitoba Designer" breeds?
    Manitoba Designer is just a fun name we made up for our dogs, it switches depending on their location of origin (Nunavut Designer etc) meaning that we don’t have any knowledge of their breed, on the rare occasion we know what mom is we do add that to their posts.
  • Where are you located?
    We are in Barrie ON CANADA.
  • I live 3 hours away, can I still adopt?
    Yes!!! We have lots of adopters through Ontario. You will be required to come to our area and meet the dog. You will also need to remember spay and neuters are done by our vet in our area and you will be required to bring and pick them up there.
  • Can you ship a puppy out of province?
    No, we will not ship you a dog or puppy.
  • Can we come by and see the dogs?
    All our dogs are in home based foster homes there is no option to meet them prior to a scheduled meeting after passing all levels of adoption, unless we have a scheduled event where our dogs are attending.
  • Where do we apply?
    Adoption Applications are found on the website.
  • What dogs are available?
    Please visit our "Adoptable Dogs" page on this website.
  • I'm interested in fostering....
    We always need foster! The more fosters the more lives we can save!! Please apply through our website
  • What is the adoption process?
    Our applications are chosen by first in best fit for the particular dog. ONLY those chosen will be contacted personally by one of our volunteers to set up the next step to our adoption process Our adoption process after you send your application in (IF CHOSEN) a Lost Boys Volunteer will contact you to set up a home visit. If you pass you will be notified in an email from our Adoption Coordinator at that point a date to meet your lost boy of chose will be made. If you agree the dog is the right fit, you will adopt at that time.
  • Can we get pre-approved for a dog or puppy?
    No, sorry we don’t have the man power to keep track of pre-approvals..
  • If I've applied for a dog or puppy before, do I need to apply again?
    Yes, you would need to apply each time.
FAQ Lost Boys Hope Rescue
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