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Where your donations Go with Lost Boys Hope Rescue


Where do your donations go?

At Lost Boys Hope, every donation makes a significant impact on our mission to rescue and rehabilitate dogs in need. Your contributions extend beyond covering basic necessities such as food, leashes, collars, and toys. They also support critical expenses like transportation to safely bring the dogs to our facilities and comprehensive medical care to ensure each dog receives the necessary treatments and interventions. With the rescue discounts we receive, the minimum veterinary costs start at $600 per dog.

You can make a difference by donating dog food at one of our two drop-off locations or by contributing financially. (See Ways to Donate) 


Drop Off Locations

228 Woodland Dr., Midland, ON

166 Saunder Rd Unit 1., Barrie

Every penny counts and helps us continue our work to provide these dogs with a second chance at a happy and healthy life!

ways to donate


Delivery Address

228 Woodland Dr


L4R 4E5


thank you for the donation! 

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At Lost Boys Hope, we operate exclusively through foster care, ensuring every dog we rescue immediately embarks on their journey to a better life. Our foster homes are crucial; without them, we could not reach the dogs that desperately need our help. We provide our foster families with all the essentials—food, toys, leashes, and collars—so they can focus on nurturing their foster dog into a well-rounded family member. All veterinary care, supported entirely by public donations, ensures our dogs receive the best medical attention.

Foster homes play a transformative role in our rescue efforts. For many dogs, stepping into a foster home is a first—a first time indoors, wearing a collar, or walking on a leash. More importantly, it’s the first time they experience genuine love and compassion. Although it can be a daunting transition for them, the change is profound. As a foster, you witness the incredible transformation from neglect to joy. You see the gratitude in their eyes and their spirits lift. Thanks to our dedicated foster volunteers, every dog we save gets a chance to adjust to a nurturing environment, setting them on the path to finding their forever home.

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At Lost Boys Hope, we are dedicated to assisting First Nations communities across Canada by addressing the urgent issue of dog overpopulation. We partner with these communities to host low-cost wellness clinics and support spay/neuter programs, alongside providing essential education, food, and supplies at no cost to them.

Our rescue efforts focus on the Northern Canadian Reserves, where veterinary care and resources are limited, and dogs are often left to breed uncontrollably. This leads to severe overpopulation, with hundreds of dogs sometimes leading to drastic measures like culls to manage their numbers. Since 2016, we have rescued and found loving homes for over 6,000 dogs through a meticulous application and screening process for adopters. Each rescued dog is placed in a home-based foster environment, rather than a shelter, to help them transition from a free-roaming lifestyle to living indoors as a part of a family. Here, they learn about love, trust, and kindness.

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Lost Boys Hope Founder: Kelley Ward

Our operations are supported predominantly by volunteers, and the adoption fees cover only a part of our expenses. We rely heavily on the generosity of our supporters through donations and fundraising events.Lost Boys Hope champions the importance of spay/neutering, vaccination, and parasite control to prevent the birth of unwanted dogs and the spread of diseases. We have established a comprehensive spay/neuter program with our veterinary partners to ensure all our dogs are sterilized at the appropriate age.

With a dedicated team of two vet groups, 140 foster homes, community volunteers, and a small but passionate administrative team, Lost Boys Hope is committed to making a meaningful impact. Our founder actively works alongside the team, ensuring a personal touch in all our endeavors. As one of the largest foster-based rescues in Ontario, we are committed to the well-being of dogs and the families they join, now and forever.


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