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Mixed Breed


1.5 Years

60 lbs

House & Crate Trained

Adoption Fee



Meet Zoey, a spayed female with a heart of gold, approximately a year and a half old, and tipping the scales at a graceful 60lbs. While her breed mix remains a delightful mystery, her loving nature and gentle spirit shine brightly for all to see.

😃🐶 Good with Dogs
🙃🐈 Not cat tested
😃🚸Good with kids
😃🏠 crate trained, house trained.
✅ medium energy
✅ Fenced yard required

Zoey is a true lovebug, thriving on affection and showering those around her with endless devotion. She finds joy in the company of other dogs and would thrive in a home with a canine companion close to her size, reveling in the joy of playful romps and companionship.
A true friend to children, Zoey's heart swells with happiness at the thought of being a cherished member of a family with kids and furry siblings to grow up with. While initially reserved around new people, Zoey's cautious demeanor quickly gives way to confidence and warmth once she's had the chance to sniff out the situation.
Her impeccable manners extend to her crate and house training, quietly signaling when nature calls and finding solace in her crate during quiet moments. With a fenced yard to explore and lounge in, Zoey's daily walks and exercise sessions are sure to bring her endless happiness and contentment.
As she continues to refine her leash manners and master simple commands like sit, down, stay, and leave it, Zoey's eagerness to learn and please shines through, making her a delightful companion for any loving family.
With her gentle spirit and loving disposition, Zoey is guaranteed to fill your heart with love and bring endless joy into your home. If you're ready to welcome this lovely girl into your family, don't hesitate to apply today and embark on a journey filled with love, laughter, and endless companionship.

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