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German Shepherd Mix


6 months

35 lbs

House & Crate trained

Adoption Fee



Zeke is male around 6 months old. He is suspected to be German Sheppard mix and weighs around 35lbs.
Good with Dogs
Good with cats
Good with kids
House & crate trained.
medium energy

$800 adoption fee
Includes spay/neuter at our vet
*A small part of the adoption fee pays for Spay/neuter surgery at our vet. Most of the cost to spay/neuter is funded through fundraising.
- If you chose to use your Vet for spay/neuter, the surgery portion of your adoption fee will go towards the rescues efforts in saving another dog.
Zeke has a very fun, quirky personality and he loves to talk. When he’s really happy and playing he’s often found upside down chatting away at whomever he’s engaged with. And when you’ve really got his attention he shows you by perking one ear up and leaving the other down.
He is amazing with other dogs and is often running zoomies with his foster brothers or playing tug of war with his rope. He would love if his new home had a fur buddy. He also loves being around kids and is extremely gentle with them. With his first encounter with new people he’s pretty shy but warms up quickly once he’s comfortable.
Zeke loves to play with his chew toys. The Bullymake hard ones are definitely his favourite and normally will empty the toy box and keep them all close by for easy pickings.
Zeke is very inquisitive, however, new sounds still make him a little nervous but with some positive reassurance he overcomes his caution.
Zeke is a very smart boy. He has learned basic commands like sit, leave it, come, quiet, outside, paw & hugs. Yes!! I said it, he gives hugs.
He is house trained and taps a bell to go outside. Still unsure of car rides, new spaces and baths but we are working on that a little at a time.
Zeke is also crate trained and sleeps through the night with no issues and does not mind going in his crate during the day when needed. As soon as the kids grab their school bags he goes straight into his “bed” with no issues. He Loves greeting us with his full body stretches when we get home & “boops” us with his nose when he’s wanting us to follow where he’s going.
He quickly adapts to daily routine and looks forward to the end of the day for snuggles with his humans.
Zeke is a very loving boy and will make an amazing addition to his forever family.

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