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Mixed Breed


1 year

48 lbs

House & Crate trained

Adoption Fee



Meet Penny, a delightful spayed female about 1 year old, weighing in at a playful 48lbs. We're still guessing at her breed mix, but what we do know is that she's filled with love and energy, ready to become a beloved member of her new family.

Here’s what makes Penny special:

🐶 Does best with calm dogs; lives harmoniously with her two big dog pals
🚸 Great with kids of all ages
🏡 House and crate trained
🌳 Fenced yard recommended but not mandatory
⚡ Full of energy
Penny might just be the ultimate lap dog despite her size. She’s incredibly affectionate, always ready to offer a goofy play session before contentedly settling into any welcoming lap. Although initially shy around new faces, Penny quickly forms inseparable bonds, becoming a loyal and loving shadow to her people.

Her puppy-like zest requires appropriate outlets—both physical and mental. As she matures, her boundless energy will mellow, but for now, she thrives on playful engagement and mental stimulation. Proper introductions are key for Penny; she takes her time understanding and befriending other dogs but forms lasting friendships once she’s comfortable.

Ideal for a home with another calm dog for company, Penny also adores children. Due to her exuberance, supervision during play is advisable to ensure everyone has fun safely. Her daily routine should include plenty of exercises to help her settle down as a calm, sweet companion indoors.

Penny’s care involves straightforward grooming; she’s growing to enjoy her daily brushing sessions and is becoming accustomed to nail trimming at home. While she’s learning to walk nicely on a leash after an initial burst of excitement, she shows no reactivity, making her a pleasant companion for walks.

A fenced yard would be fantastic for her to run and play securely; however, she can adapt if her exercise needs are met through other activities.

If you’re looking for a dog who will bring endless joy and affection into your home, consider adding Penny to your family. Her love is boundless, and she promises to be a source of smiles and cuddles for her lucky new owners.

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