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Mixed Breed


2.5 months

12 lbs

House & Crate Training in progress

Adoption Fee



Mila is female, around 2.5 months old. We don’t know her breed mix or how big she will get. She currently weighs around 12lbs. She is a member of the Valentine Litter, and her mamma weighs around 46lbs.
😃🐶 Good with Dogs
😃🐈Good with cats
😃🚸Good with kids
😃🏠working on house and crate training

✅ $800 adoption fee
Includes spay/neuter at our vet
*A small part of the adoption fee pays for Spay/neuter surgery at our vet. Most of the cost to spay/neuter is funded through fundraising.
- If you chose to use your Vet for spay/neuter, the surgery portion of your adoption fee will go towards the rescues efforts in saving another dog.
🐶 Mila, with her charming personality is a delightful bundle of energy. Her dedication to crate training has yielded impressive results, demonstrating her intelligence and willingness to learn.
While she's still refining her skills in potty training, her determination shines through as she continues to make strides forward.
One of Mila's most endearing qualities is her ability to connect with everyone she meets. Whether it's furry friends, feline companions, or tiny humans, Mila's gentle and welcoming demeanor makes her a beloved member of any social circle.
Her affectionate nature shines through as she eagerly engages in cuddle sessions, spreading warmth and joy wherever she goes.
Beyond her love for snuggles, Mila possesses an insatiable curiosity and a zest for exploration. From investigating every nook and cranny of her environment to embarking on outdoor adventures, she approaches each new experience with enthusiasm and curiosity.
Mila's playful spirit adds an extra layer of joy to every interaction, making her a cherished companion for all who have the pleasure of knowing her.
If you would like to add this dog to your family, please apply today!

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