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Husky Mix


11 Months

50 lbs

House & Crate Trained

Adoption Fee



Meet Hazard, an enchanting male Husky mix, approximately 11 months old and weighing around 50lbs. Despite his visual impairment, Hazard fearlessly navigates the world with remarkable grace and determination.

Hazard's remarkable qualities:
🐾 Excellent with Dogs
🐾 Good with Cats
🐾 Good with Kids
🐾 Fully house and crate trained
🐾 Medium energy

Adoption Fee: $600 (includes neuter* at our vet, microchip, up-to-date vaccinations)

Hazard's story is one of resilience and determination. Despite his visual impairment, he tackles each day with unwavering enthusiasm and a zest for life. His intelligence shines through as he effortlessly learns commands and eagerly embraces new challenges.

Our vet has confirmed that Hazard is visually impaired, but he compensates with his keen senses and sharp intellect. He's adept at navigating his surroundings and has mastered the art of leash walking, making him an ideal running partner for active individuals.

With his playful demeanor and lovable personality, Hazard captures the hearts of all who meet him. His expressive face tells a tale of curiosity and warmth, reflecting his indomitable spirit.

Playfulness is central to Hazard's character, and he thrives on engaging in fun activities such as chasing balls and playing with toys. He would flourish in a loving home that can provide him with the mental and physical stimulation he craves, along with continued training and plenty of playtime.

Accustomed to periodic crate use throughout the day and night, Hazard is ready to become a cherished member of a loving family. If you're seeking a companion who will fill your days with joy and laughter, look no further than Hazard.

If you're ready to open your heart and home to this remarkable canine companion, please apply today' Let Hazard brighten your life with his wagging tail and boundless spirit.

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