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Mixed Breed


4.5 months

30 lbs

House & Crate Trained

Adoption Fee



Introducing Graham, a delightful male puppy about 4.5 months old, currently tipping the scales at about 30lbs. While his exact breed mix is unknown, his charm and sweet disposition are undeniable. Whether Graham will grow to be a big boy remains to be seen, but he's got plenty of love to give regardless of size.

Here's why Graham might just be the perfect addition to your family:

🐕 Great with other dogs – loves playing with his foster brother!
🐈 Good with cats
🚸 Fantastic with kids – finds playmates around 8 years old super fun!
🏡 House trained and crate trained
Graham is the quintessential playful, affectionate puppy, brimming with a delightful personality that shines through every action. He's a social butterfly, thriving in the company of dogs, cats, and kids alike. He adores being outdoors, whether frolicking in the yard or taking leisurely walks, and he's already showing promise with his leash skills.

Training is a joy with Graham, thanks to his love for treats. He's mastered commands like "drop it," "sit," and "lie down," and is currently working on "shake paw," although the treats might be a bit too distracting! His recall is developing well; just keep in mind he's still a puppy who can get a little sidetracked.

While the crate isn't his favorite spot, Graham is a champ about using it. He sleeps there through the night and stays without accidents during the day. House training is another of Graham's fortes – he'll let you know when it's time to head outside.

Playtime is Graham's favorite time! He loves balls and chew toys and is enthusiastic about fetch, even if he hasn't quite mastered the return part yet. Mealtime is a big event for Graham; he can barely contain his excitement but will patiently wait for his bowl to be placed down.

If you're ready to bring a bundle of joy and energy into your home, consider applying to adopt Graham today. He's eager to find his forever family and shower them with kisses, cuddles, and boundless affection!

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