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3 months

22 lbs

House & Crate Training in progress

Adoption Fee



Meet Enzo, an adorable male Hound puppy, approximately 3 months old and weighing around 22lbs. With his charming personality and boundless energy, Enzo is ready to bring endless joy to his future family.

Enzo's impressive qualities:
🐾 Good with Dogs
🐾 Good with Cats
🐾 Good with Kids
🐾 Currently working on house and crate training
🐾 Medium to full energy

Adoption Fee: $800 (includes spay/neuter at our vet, microchip, up-to-date vaccinations)

Enzo is the epitome of puppyhood, embracing each day with enthusiasm and excitement. He thrives on staying active and enjoys spending time with his people, especially children and other dogs.

While still a work in progress, Enzo is diligently learning the ropes of house training and crate training. He is comfortable sleeping in his crate overnight and can spend several hours in it during the day when necessary, with only a brief musical interlude before settling down.

Enzo's playful nature shines through as he engages in delightful romps with his toys and furry companions. He's quickly learning the importance of gentle play and respect for humans' boundaries, typical of his puppy antics.

Enzo's infectious joy and endearing personality make him the perfect addition to any loving family. If you're ready to welcome this adorable charmer into your home, don't hesitate to apply today. Let Enzo fill your days with laughter and love as he blossoms into a cherished family pet!

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