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3 Months

20 lbs

House & Crate Training in Progress

Adoption Fee



Meet Dexter, an adorable male Hound pup, around 3 months old, tipping the scales at a playful 20lbs. With his lineage pointing to Hound heritage, Dexter's future size remains a delightful mystery, adding to the excitement of his journey ahead.

😃🐶 Good with Dogs
😃🐈 Good with Cats
😃🚸 Good with Kids
😃🏠 Working on House and Crate Training
✅ Medium - Full Energy
Dexter is a bundle of joy and energy, always on the lookout for a fun toy or furry friend to romp with. His medium to full energy levels keep playtime lively, followed by blissful naps snuggled as close as possible to his loved ones.
A true delight with children, Dexter's gentle nature shines through as he learns the art of being soft and kind with little ones. While still mastering the intricacies of house training, Dexter's eagerness to please ensures progress each day, especially when rewarded with the happiness of his humans.
Though not a fan of his crate during the day, Dexter's love for toys stuffed with treats helps ease the transition, allowing him to settle in time. Come nighttime, he's a quiet sleeper, peacefully dozing away in his crate until morning.
Inquisitive and adventurous, Dexter revels in outdoor exploration, whether it's chewing on sticks, chasing balls, or simply taking in the wonders of nature. His obedience training is progressing nicely, with commands like "sit" mastered and efforts focused on "off" and "stay."
With his endearing personality and lovable charm, Dexter is truly a darling boy destined to bring endless joy to any loving family. If you're ready to welcome this precious pup into your home, don't hesitate to embrace the opportunity and apply today for a lifetime of love and laughter with Dexter by your side.

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