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Mixed Breed


2 Months

10 lbs

House & Crate Training in Progress

Adoption Fee



Bingo is female around 2 months old. She weighs around 10lbs. We don’t know her breed mix or how big she will get. Her mom weighs around 65lbs.
😃🐶 Good with Dogs
😃🐈Good with cats
😃🚸Good with kids
😃🏠working on house and crate training

✅ $800 adoption fee
Includes spay/neuter at our vet
*A small part of the adoption fee pays for Spay/neuter surgery at our vet. Most of the cost to spay/neuter is funded through fundraising.
- If you chose to use your Vet for spay/neuter, the surgery portion of your adoption fee will go towards the rescues efforts in saving another dog.

😃 Bingo is the life of the party here with her sister and foster siblings! She has so much character it’s hard not to fall in love instantly with her!
She is up for anything and will rotate her busy little time between all pets and people. She is very smart and will search for the best toy even if she has to trick another pup into giving it to her!
Bingo is great on a leash and very brave little girl, exploring everywhere she can! She has the most expressive eyes and you can tell what she wants (usually to be picked up so she can see out a new window like the big dogs!!).
She is trying her very best to get invited on the big dog walks and waits impatiently for them to come back as she feels they forgot her! She will come and tell me this over and over again! Once she is done playing she turns into the biggest suck and will pass out hard where ever she is. Her favourite spot is to fall asleep on her big friends almost instantly while playing!!! She is a great sleeper, spending the whole night on her crate with no sounds!
Bingo is almost potty trained just has to remember what door is the pee door to make it fast enough with her tiny bladder! She will sit for a treat but is not very good motivated, unless the big dogs have something then she wants that too!
She will be super easy to train if there is a big friend to learn from as she is a quick study and is eager to be part of the pack! At the end of the day she is the snuggliest little thing and makes the cutest little noises when she is starting to relax!

Serious applications only.
A $50 deposit is required to proceed with a home visit.
If you are approved to adopt this dog, the $50 deposit will go towards the adoption fee. Your $50 deposit will be returned if you are not approved to adopt this dog. Otherwise the $50 deposit is non-refundable.
Please do not apply if you are not ready to commit to this dog. Thank you for your cooperation and support

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