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Lab Mix


8 weeks

9 lbs

House & Crate Training in Progress

Adoption Fee



Introducing Chestnut, an adorable 8-week-old male from the cherished Coco Litter. While his exact breed mix remains a delightful mystery, we suspect a touch of chocolate lab in his lineage. Currently weighing around 9 pounds, with his mamma tipping the scales at a graceful 60 pounds, Chesnut's potential size is as captivating as his personality.
Chestnut boasts an impressive resume:
🐾 Good with Dogs
🐾 Good with Cats
🐾 Good with Kids
🐾 Currently honing his skills in house and crate training

This little bundle of joy is a riot of laughter and charm. His adorable antics never fail to bring a smile to your face, especially when his little butt wiggles in excitement. Outdoors, he's a sight to behold, nose to the ground, embarking on adventures that seem to have no end. Whether frolicking with his siblings or entertaining himself, Chestnut finds contentment in every moment.
Despite his playful nature, Chestnut appreciates the value of downtime. Often the first to drift off to sleep at night, he relishes every precious moment of rest, yet remains in no rush to rise with the sun.
Chestnut's toy collection is as diverse as his personality, but he has a special fondness for crinkle toys and chew toys like the beloved Kong. Mealtime is a cause for celebration in Chestnut's world, his excitement palpable as he eagerly awaits the sight of his bowl being filled.
Ever the diligent learner, Chestnut is making great strides in house training and strives to communicate his needs effectively. At bedtime, he settles into his crate with ease, ready to drift off into dreamland.
If you're ready to welcome this bundle of joy into your family, seize the opportunity to make Chestnut a cherished member of your household.

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