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German Shepherd Mix


6 months

35 lbs

House & Crate training in progress

Adoption Fee



Zelda is a spayed female around 6 months old. We don’t know her breed, however, she is assumed to be a German shepherd mix.
Good with Dogs
Good with cats
Good with kids
working on House training & is crate trained.
medium energy

$800 adoption fee
Includes spay/neuter at our vet
*A small part of the adoption fee pays for Spay/neuter surgery at our vet. Most of the cost to spay/neuter is funded through fundraising.
- If you chose to use your Vet for spay/neuter, the surgery portion of your adoption fee will go towards the rescues efforts in saving another dog.
Zelda loves kids, humans in her life and cats. She loves seeing and playing with other dogs.
Zelda is quiet, gentle but has a very fun personality. She loves to play with her chew toys, rubber balls and ropes. Loves being around the children and gives lots of kisses. When she is out back she loves to run her laps out back and playing in the snow.
She is very relaxed and likes to be around people, however, new sounds, people and areas make her nervous but with some positive reassurance she overcomes her fear or uneasiness.
Zelda is a very smart girl . She has learned many basic commands like sit, no, come, bed, down, inside, outside. We are working few more to add her growing list!! She is also house trained!!
Zelda is also crate trained and sleeps through the night with no issues and does not mind going in her crate during the day. The crate is her safe place and place to sleep. At night she has a blanket over her crate to know it’s bedtime. She often taps you with her nose for reassurance or if she requests you. Zelda is getting well with walking with a leash and will sit before and after you put her leash on.
She loves pets, laying on her blanket, laying by your feet and giving lots of kisses.
Zelda is a very loving girl and will make an amazing addition and any family would be lucky to call her their own.

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