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Shepherd Mix


6 Months

55 lbs

House & Crate Trained

Adoption Fee



Introducing Whip, a gentle and tender-hearted young lad of around 6 months, tipping the scales at a sturdy 55lbs. While his exact breed remains a delightful mystery, the assumption of a Shepherd mix adds to his intriguing allure.
😃🐶 Good with Dogs
🙃🐈 Not cat tested
😃🚸 Good with Kids
😃🏠 House & crate trained
With a disposition as warm as his affectionate gaze, Whip exudes kindness and love in every interaction. His gentle nature extends effortlessly to children and furry companions alike, finding joy in playful romps with fellow dogs and basking in the adoration of humans.
An outdoor enthusiast at heart, Whip revels in the simple pleasures of exploration, eagerly observing the antics of birds and squirrels while maintaining a serene demeanor that invites cuddles and affection. His endearing skip and prance betray his puppy excitement, adding to his undeniable charm.
Unstuffed toys and tennis balls hold a special place in Whip's heart, igniting his playful spirit as he delights in flinging them about or meticulously removing the fuzzy exterior of tennis balls.
While not overly food motivated, Whip thrives on routines and treasures the reward of a comforting cuddle or hug. His exemplary behavior extends to his impeccable house and crate training, ensuring peaceful nights of rest for all.
Though still mastering commands like "here," "sit," and "stay," Whip's eager spirit and kind nature promise a rewarding journey of learning and growth for any lucky family. With his well-mannered demeanor and irresistible charm, Whip is poised to become a cherished addition to any loving home.
If you're ready to welcome Whip into your family and heart, don't hesitate to apply today and embark on a lifetime of love and companionship.

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