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Husky/Shepherd/Other Mix


7 Months

40 lbs


Adoption Fee



Vance is male around 7 months old. He is a Sheppard mix and is such a good boy! We do not know how big he will get. He currently weighs
Around 40lbs.
😃🐶 Good with Dogs
🤷🏼‍♀️🐈 Not cat tested
😃🚸Good with kids
😃🏠house trained, working on crate training

✅$800 adoption fee*, Includes spay/neuter at our vet
*A small part of the adoption fee pays for Spay/neuter surgery at our vet. Most of the cost to spay/neuter is funded through fundraising.
- If you chose to use your Vet for spay/neuter, the surgery portion of your adoption fee will go towards the rescues efforts in saving another dog.

**Meet Vance!**
Vance is a ~7-month-old Husky/Shepherd/other mix who is sure to melt your heart with his sweetness and playful nature.
He adores under chin scritches, belly rubs, and engaging games of fetch.
Vance is a social butterfly with other dogs, tending to be submissive and always eager to play. He knows when to respect his furry friends' space, making him a delightful companion.
Vance is fairly independent during the day, happily rotating between playing with his toys, chewing on his bones, and napping. As long as he has toys to keep him occupied, he's non-destructive, but supervision is still recommended as he’s still learning.
Vance loves a good game of fetch and has excelled at retrieving and returning the ball. He's starting to respond well to the "drop" command and would thrive in a home with a backyard to play in.
While Vance's recall is a work in progress, he knows his name and responds well to whistles combined with his name.
Vance is almost crate trained and sleeps through the night in his crate with minimal fuss. He’s also housetrained but needs frequent outside breaks to avoid accidents. Vance may whimper a bit when his people leave, but he settles quickly with an engaging toy.
He’s working on independently tackling tasks like going into his crate, wearing a walking harness, and jumping into cars. You'll need to keep an eye on human food within his reach, but he's improving as he gains stability.
Vance has a natural talent for bringing fun, love, and fluffiness into their lives. He’s a wonderful dog who deserves a home full of love and patience to help him continue growing into the best boy he can be.
If you’re looking for a sweet, playful, and loving companion, Vance is your pup!
🐶If you would like to add this dog to your family, apply today.

✅Serious applications only.
A $50 deposit is required to proceed with a home visit.
If you are approved to adopt this dog, the $50 deposit will go towards the adoption fee. Your $50 deposit will be returned if you are not approved to adopt this dog. Otherwise the $50 deposit is non-refundable.
Please do not apply if you are not ready to commit to this dog. Thank you for your cooperation and support

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