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Husky Mix


1 year

55 lbs

House Trained

Adoption Fee



Storm is a spayed female around one year old. We don’t know her breed mix. Husky mix is assumed. She weighs around 55lbs.
😃🐶 Good with Dogs (loves dogs!!)
🤷🏼‍♀️🐈Not cat tested
😃🚸Good with kids (she LOVES kids)
😃🏠house trained, not really a fan of a crate, but is working on it.
✅ $800 adoption fee

Meet Storm: The Playful and Loving Husky!
Storm is a vibrant and intelligent husky who is making fantastic progress with her training and adjustment to home life.
She is becoming accustomed to her crate where she now lays down and plays with her toys instead of jumping around. Storm has even started eating in her kennel sometimes! Crate training is still a work in progress, as she cleverly escapes when she sees the door closing, but she remains calm and collected.
Despite not being food motivated, Storm has a deep love for playdates and social interactions. She adores other dogs and loves playing with kids, often showing her affection with face licks.
Her training is going well, although she pulls a bit due to her excitement to greet other dogs. She is learning to focus and stay calm despite distractions.
Storm is excellent on a leash and knows commands like sit and down. She's working on stay and come, and while she sometimes throws a classic husky tantrum when she's had enough, her great temperament shines through.
She's adapted well to house rules, staying downstairs even when her person is upstairs.
Storm's calm demeanor extends to her interactions with visitors. She never barks, making her an ideal dog for a quiet neighborhood. She enjoys the company of humans and has no issues with separation anxiety when left alone for short periods.
While Storm is nearly perfect, she would thrive in a home with another dog and a family that can be around most of the time. She sometimes shares a husky howl with her human companions, showcasing her playful side.
Although she enjoys car rides, she prefers sitting at the front.
If you're looking for a friendly, well-behaved, and loving companion, Storm is the perfect fit for you!
🐶If you would like to add this dog to your family, apply today.

✅Serious applications only.
A $50 deposit is required to proceed with a home visit.
If you are approved to adopt this dog, the $50 deposit will go towards the adoption fee. Your $50 deposit will be returned if you are not approved to adopt this dog. Otherwise the $50 deposit is non-refundable.
Please do not apply if you are not ready to commit to this dog. Thank you for your cooperation and support

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