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Lab Mix


8 weeks

9 lbs

House & Crate Training in Progress

Adoption Fee



Meet Praline, an endearing 8-week-old female from the cherished Coco Litter. While her exact breed mix remains a delightful mystery, we suspect a touch of chocolate lab in her lineage. Currently weighing around 9 pounds, with her mamma boasting a regal 60-pound frame, Praline's potential for growth is as sweet as her namesake.
Praline boasts an impressive resume:
🐾 Good with Dogs
🐾 Good with Cats
🐾 Good with Kids
🐾 Currently engaged in house and crate training

This gentle soul is the epitome of serenity, her quiet demeanor punctuated only by the melodic wagging of her tail when engaged in conversation. With a heart full of joy, she exudes warmth and affection, her eyes reflecting the sweetness of her spirit.
A true social butterfly, Praline adores the company of dogs of all sizes, as well as her beloved siblings and people alike. While she may assert herself as a bit bossy with her littermates, she readily accepts guidance and correction with grace.
Praline's love knows no bounds, readily seeking out affection and cuddles at every opportunity. Whether perched on your lap or nestled beside you, she basks in the love and attention bestowed upon her.
Mealtime is a cause for celebration in Praline's world, her enthusiastic appetite matched only by her diligent approach to independent and group play. Though occasionally prone to roughhousing, she's quick to heed gentle reminders and remains ever attentive to her surroundings.
As she diligently applies herself to house training, Praline shows remarkable progress, her determination matched only by her unwavering loyalty. Though she may express a momentary protest when parted from her loved ones, her tail wags with unbridled joy upon their return.
With each passing day, Praline blossoms into a shining beacon of love and companionship. If you're ready to welcome this radiant pup into your family, seize the opportunity to make Praline a cherished member of your household by applying today!

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