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Lab Mix


8 weeks

10 lbs

House & Crate Training in Progress

Adoption Fee



Meet Macadamia, affectionately known as Mac, an endearing 8-week-old male hailing from the beloved Coco Litter. While his exact breed mix remains a delightful mystery, we suspect a touch of chocolate lab in his lineage. Currently weighing around 10 pounds, with his mamma boasting a robust 60-pound frame, Mac's future size is as boundless as his charm.
Macadamia shines in his impressive resume:
🐾 Good with Dogs
🐾 Good with Cats
🐾 Good with Kids
🐾 Currently engaged in house and crate training

This spirited pup finds joy in every moment, whether he's engaging in spirited play with a hard chew toy or engaging in friendly tussles with his siblings. Outdoor adventures are his delight, and he relishes the opportunity to bask in nature's beauty while observing his surroundings.
A true enthusiast for both play and rest, Mac plays hard and slumbers even harder, often found in peaceful repose while his siblings continue their antics. His appreciation for life's simple pleasures knows no bounds, as he eagerly embraces mealtime, crate time, and the comfort of cozy blankets and toys.
Mac is diligently mastering the art of potty training, showing promising signs of progress with each passing day. His nights are spent in blissful slumber, punctuated only by a brief wake-up call for a potty break before returning to his dreams.
Crate training is a breeze for Mac, who finds solace in his own little sanctuary. Ever the curious explorer, he may pause to investigate leaves and sticks during outdoor excursions, embodying the playful spirit of puppyhood.
With an impressive repertoire of commands under his belt and a heart full of love, Mac is a devoted companion who eagerly follows your lead in all endeavors. Whether it's enjoying car rides or savoring mealtime delights, he's always by your side, ready to share in life's adventures.
If Mac sounds like the perfect addition to your family, don't hesitate to fill out an application and welcome him into your heart and home.

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